FPL Arreda

FPL – Full Projects Living was established in the Sixties in Zané, first operating in the province of Vicenza, to then expand its activities throughout Italy and abroad. In the two showrooms located in Zané and Vicenza, a selection of design objects, furniture and creations can be appreciated, while being guided by furnishing professionals.

Our team consists of interior designers, architects and fitters; in addition, we collaborate with joiners and craftsmen to propose customised, integrated and high-quality solutions, from design through to implementation. An eclectic group, united in their desire to create environments that combine beauty, functionality and comfort.

The quality of living

We are committed to understanding the desires, dreams and needs of those who will live in the ambiances we design, recounting stories, celebrating passions and making each room truly personal. Your personal space should reflect your style, enhance your quality of life and, above all, make you feel comfortable. For us, the quality of living goes beyond mere aesthetics: it enfolds functionality, sustainability and the well-being of our customers.

What we do

We deal with coordinated, creative and innovative architectural and interior design projects.

We support you in the choice of materials, finishes and furnishings in keeping with your style.

We study optimal lighting solutions to enhance visibility, transforming spatial perception and creating that special atmosphere.

We collaborate with architects and architectural firms to give life to their customers’ desires.

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How we work

  • We develop each proposal on the basis of value and exclusivity.
  • We work as a team to propose creative and innovative solutions, welcoming the best collaborators to our experimental laboratory – FPL Lab.
  • We provide customised services, from design, to assembly and to customer care.
  • We pay great attention in researching and selecting the best Italian and international partners and brands, to propose unique projects and products of high-quality standard.

Creating spaces for simple and meaningful living.

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