FPL Arreda




Our highly qualified team will work step by step to transform your space into an extraordinary place.


Our services for private residences, commercial spaces, offices and workplaces are customised, with painstaking attention paid to the smallest details and available anywhere in the world.
Customising: at the designing stage, we study and experiment in order to present you with innovative solutions complete with materials, finishes, fabrics and colours, as precisely and realistically as possible, to match the final result.
Attention to detail: the layout of the installations, wall colours, furnishings, lighting and every other aspect are given the finishing touches with the utmost care to make the environment truly distinctive.
Anywhere in the world: wherever you may be, our design and support services can be brought to you, providing creations that will live up to your expectations.


Thanks to a comprehensive team of architects, interior designers, joiners, electricians and plumbers, we can customise every project, complementing the space layout and architecture. Interior solutions include curtains, carpeting, pictures and all other objects that contribute to defining the style and atmosphere of your project. High-quality materials, finishes and furnishings are also distinguished by their durability, ensuring that your living space will be enjoyed trouble-free for a long time.


Lighting is an essential aspect in architecture, capable in so many ways of influencing the perception of those who live in or pass through a place. It can transform it from ordinary to welcoming, from relaxing to energising, from traditional to modern. It can make a room seem larger or more intimate, emphasise architectural features and create a visual flow through the rooms.

In line with your wishes, we develop a balance between light and shade, improve visibility and enhance design elements such as furniture, works of art and the room’s architecture itself. Our study of lighting includes: analysis of different light sources (natural and artificial); colour hues; light intensity and direction; choice of lamps, control systems and light fixtures.


Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the products the market has to offer, from the finest materials to iconic design objects, we can guide you in choosing combinations that will make your project unique and customised.
 We begin by understanding your requirements and preferences, to present our proposals with moodboards and physical samples, showing you in clear detail how the final environment will look.
 Thanks to the samples, you will be able to see, touch and assess first-hand the quality and appearance of materials and finishes, chosen from an extensive variety of colours, textures and styles. The combination of professional advice, moodboards and physical samples facilitates the decision-making process, ensures precise selection, and enables us to give life to creative and innovative projects. 


We collaborate with architects and architectural firms by offering customised furnishing solutions, complementing the project’s overall vision to meet the needs and wishes of their customers.

  • Flexibility and customisation: we carefully select our proposals from a wide range of options and develop them to meet the project’s specific requirements, from material selection to dimensions and to design details.
  • Technical support: our team of experts provides specialised consulting on products, installation and technical aspects; they can also provide ongoing attendance on site to supervise the project’s implementation.
  • Continuous co-operation: we maintain constant communication with architects throughout all stages of the project, from planning to commissioning. We are open to feedback and to any changes needed to ensure the project’s smooth running.